Fabric for pleated filters


We manufacture the main filtration layer for medical masks, respirators and composite for pocket or pleated air filters from synthetic materials containing – fibers produced by the “Meltblown” technology. Due to the large selection of materials and the versatility of the equipment, we can adapt to the customer’s wishes and produce quality products.

To check the quality of production, we use special measuring devices inside the company, thanks to which we can ensure that each product will meet all the requirements of ISO standards.

Composite for pleated filters. It is a compound of synthetic non-woven materials for the production of pleated air filters. The products trap dust, insects, fluff and pollen. This type of composite is joined in dots over the entire area of the product with the help of ultrasonic composite machines. The maximum total width of the product is 710mm. The composite consists of:

Outer layer. Spunbond non-woven material made of polypropylene granules.
Filtering layer. A non-woven material with a filtering function made by the “Meltblown” technology. Depending on the customer’s request, we can produce Melt Blown polypropylene:
various filtering classes;
without electric charge;
using electric charge: can be charged by corona method or using water;
density from 5 gsm to 100 gsm.

Pre-filter. A non-woven material made of polyester granules that traps dust and extends the filter layer’s clogging term.

For the stiffness of the layer product. Polyester layer made with the help of “Spunlaid” technology.

The filtration efficiency of this type of product has been determined in the certified laboratory “Eurofins” in Finland.