Production of effective filtering media by the exclusive customer needs

About us

Fiberton factory, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, successfully manufactures non-woven fabric Melt Blown, filter media for pocket, pleated filters by the exclusive costumer needs and personal respiratory protection equipment: medical face masks and respirators. In our activities, we strive for and implement the highest production and management standards.

Why us?

We always take focus on individual needs of the client; we are flexible and competitive. We have established a testing laboratory in our factory, so the manufactured products are constantly checked for compliance before they go to the customer. Fiberton UAB implements the highest production and management standards:

  • We manufacture filter material according to the international filter material standard ISO 16890.
  • The Swiss international company SGS evaluated and certified our company’s management system as meeting the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard in the field of production of non-woven materials (Melt Blown) and medical masks and respirators.
  • We value sustainability, so we only use electricity from 100% renewable energy sources for our production and thus contribute to reducing the greenhouse effect.
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